Satang Island: What to do?

8/12/2015 09:14:00 AM

When a place's name starts or ends with the word "Island", you can smell water-related sports! 

Satang Island is a simple island where is yet to developed into tourist hot spot (i believe soon), because this island do not like crowds and noisy events as they are not fancy by the turtles here. This island is also part of the turtle conservation area so they did not open for mass tourist.

They do have diving and snorkeling activities by demand only. Since my friends and I are not expert in swimming nor skilled in diving, we go for snorkelling with definitely the life jacket on!

Instead of snorkeling, we are more like playing around the swallow water! 

After a few hours, I think we have fun for 2 hours and all of us are exhausted, jelly hands and legs have us become. Since the day was still early, the friendly boatman bring us surround the island. :)

The small island is "Pulau Satang Kecil", the Small Satang Island which was said no man life there.

The "Head" of  the Island.

The whole island has the silhouette similar to a turtle, so the previous picture was the head of a turtle

Surrounding the whole island only took us about 20 minute, so we are finally ready to go on shore again

Playing with water while on the way back. Water around the island was crystal clear!

The boat of "Turtle Guard" on the island. They are not staying on this island but was here to protect the turtle and their eggs from intruders

The Small Satang Island namely "Pulau Satang Kecil" just opposite us

We are allow to walk around the shore till 6pm only. They said the turtle will start to go around the island to do "survey" before they feel safe to come up and lay their precious

At Satang Island, the guide allow us to roam around the beach till 6pm only to sure the turtle are dare to come up on the island and lay their eggs. So we clear the beach on exact time and get prepare to clean up and head for own cooked dinner!

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