Satang Island Back to Nature Stay

8/01/2015 12:48:00 PM

Satang Island, 30mins boat ride from Telaga Air Matang, Kuching. An easily accessible out-of-town treasure for Kuchingian, perfect for chill 2days 1night getaway :)

Satang Islang (big) have the shape of a turtle from this view. Amazing!

We were provided with simple accommodation with share bathrooms without lighting so be sure to bring torch lights! Well torch are useful during the night too, you will know why in awhile!

Here are some picture of the accommodation area >

The brown chalet have 2 rooms with 2 single bed each.
There are 3 of this cute light green chalet. One of the have 2 single beds while the other 2 have queen size bed.
The chalet was very simple without mosquito netting so remember to bring insect repellent ya!
They are just simple accommodation similar to B&Bs and there are only beds in the room without fan or air-condition facility. So here comes something tricky, without fan or air-condition facility, we definitely would open the windows as wide as we could to also enjoy the salty sea and fresh forest breeze... but at place like this, all types of insects are expectable, obviously! So make sure you have again, lots of insect repellent! All types, any types!

Actually we stay up till the morning bonding, since it's just few hours left to dawn so I slept outside the brown chalet with sleeping bed and pillow from the room.

And for the bathroom, there are 5 bathroom for sharing but only 2 of them equipped with toilet wares. Basically very clean with some fungus, but most importantly, day use lighting or electric are not provided as they run the electric with petrol base generator during the night only. Few pieces of their bath roofing were transparent so with help of the whole year long bright sunshine our weather freely provides, the bathroom consider bright enough for simple cleaning. Do be sure to bring your torch just in case the sun not bright enough.

So here's the bathroom >
Simple bathroom but is clean enough for basic use. Remember to keep clean for our next user.

There is a cooking area too! This is definitely an added value as we though they only have BBQ pit. As this island belongs to a Muslim, no pork is allow on the island or to the kitchen so if you can't live a day without pork, remember to have them before you came to the island :) We are 1 Malaysia with respect always to all our multi-cultural and religion friends!

Here's the kitchen>
They have gas and stove here so you can actually cook your own meal here! Strictly no Pork lar.

We've prepare our BBQ food and really to be smoked!

Here's the surrounding area before reaching our chalets! The place was design to chill and clear the mind (do nothing and stare at the sea)!

Looking at our chalet

There are tables and chairs few steps away from the sand (by the beach), so you can bring food and pinic here!

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