Satang Island: What to do? II

8/13/2015 02:00:00 PM

From previous blog, you will know that Satang Island (Big) is consider as part of turtle conservation in Sarawak. We are being told to move away from the beach by 6pm and have to lower down our voice and avoid noisy sound throughout the night so there is no party going around after the sunsets.

Selfie after our afternoon activities by the beach

The sunset on the other side which is accessible by water but motored boat are avoided after 6pm, so here's the sunset :)

After rushing to the washroom to clean ourselves we start our BBQ session! We are being prepared with BBQ pit but others have to bring by own side ya! Again, strictly no "pork" is allow on the island.

We are allow to use the BBQ Pit and a simple kitchen with gas stove. Really convenient!

Chicken wings on the fire, burning!!! 

Burn this also to avoid mosquito

After eating, we are told to expect turtles as told but the guides said these are not confirm so we have our finger-crossed and wait patiently for the call. And we are told to bring our torch and walk slowly to see something.

Everyone is excited! Keep taking photes!

And more... photo taking!

Here you go! The babies is out for the night!

They have really soft shell and very sensitive to lights

Baby turtles are normally hatched by noon time where the sun is at his brightest and hottest but to be hatch during the night is much more safer for them as most predators are less. They will crowd as fast as they can to the seawater. So how they know which direction. Amazing right?! but one thing for sure is, they all crowd towards lights, the moon beams.

We are even luckier to have the mom with us also! We are being lead to the mother turtle who are almost done laying her eggs. We have to wait for the right time to visit her so she won't be shock and return to the sea.

Star of the night! 

The turtle was huge! And like many has said, there are "tears" in her eyes. We are allow to take picture of her and touch her but avoid direct light and no flash are allow during the visit. Incredible definitely to be seen. 

We also followed mother turtle back to the sea, Escorted all the way till she was out of sight. Then we quickly went back to the eggs!!!

The eggs and ready to relocate to safer place.

We are given chance to "dig" out the egg from the very deep sand and place the in pail for relocation. It's really deep inside the sand for real! I'm the first few to have did it and the depth is already more than 2 feet below surface of the sand! imaging those further below! How on earth can the mother turtle made that hole anyway!

That's what we have being waiting and praying for the experience and we did! Let's call it a night~

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