Satang Island: Surrounding

8/14/2015 08:42:00 AM

This is our second day here and has been fruitful since last night the turtle visited us and baby turtle woke up from their sleep and ready to face the challenge of life!

Some of us did some short swim in the sea at around 6am in the morning! The water is not as cold but opposite, it's warm!

Satang Island is the only island in Malaysia that was not own privately

Turtle conservation Rangers are still on the island~

These are turtle's trail but no eggs was found. They just come survey dulu the place.. 

Other cute printsss

Here's the rangers' office

This is on walls of the Ranger's office

Introduction on Turtle in Malaysia and their cycles

This is where the precious turtle egg will be relocated.

Boat ride back to Kuching mainland.

That's our 2 days 1 night trip at Satang Island (Big). If you ask me to come back again, I would say yes, but this place is for experience not for enjoyment, previous post we talk about how simple is the place so do keep in  mind that this is not a resort but a great place to experience back to nature :)


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