ASTRO Happy Dragon | 开心乐龙龙

Happy Dragon (开心乐龙龙) has been selling like a hot cake! more of selling when they are in oven~!

Since they are so HOT*, it makes people feel great to grab hold of any of it! Include me most probably!!! So placing order to get one is inescapable for me either...

Then it finally set foot in Borneo after 3 weeks of waiting. The stock arrive was not many, in other ways of saying, demand is much greater the supply... But after face-to-face with one, somehow my desire cools off. I wonder why...hmpf! Being looked like very generous, i gave the dragon to some other people in exchange of money of cause (they bought it instead of me).

There's some reason why I cool-offed when the dragon actually in front f me~! It is not as cute as i imagine it would be *1st disappointment*. From the illustration can easy notice the difference like the face should be a bit longer or thinner, the color should be darker instead. Well that's not all, being a hot selling item nation wide   might be a challenge against insufficient supply. Being a thoughtful person *wink* I think those who really wanted it should have it. Then here comes the 3rd reason, which is... I might be just following trend~ Ya! Have you ever realize that you are moved on something when you can be the one of the few first pioneer to get your hands on it!!! But still undeniable that it's good to touch, the Happy Dragon Soft Toy!!!!

So as the Happy Dragon T-shirt! Almost have the same reason why I didn't get myself one. happy enough to get a picha with it~ 

Happy New Year to All~!


daren said...

Where did u buy ar

janice said...

Hi, wonder if you still have the soft toy or any idea who is willing to let go? I am trying to look for one for my baby boy but can't get hold of it :(.
Please let me know should you have ways to get one. Thanks in advance.

renaye said...

oww... the dragon is astro mascot for 2012! i didn't know that!

TOPWIN said...