Save My Precious!!!

answer is:   NO !!!

Will never ever format my hard disc, although it's disappointing me all the time.

My hard disc has been acting weirdly lately, like harder to copy files, no matter in or out; harder to open a file inside etc...Still can hang on until THIS happens and prompt too often!

I had all my few years memories including high school picture and some vip files (very important private files) inside and i can't afford to loose it!!!

Hang in there...i'm calling for help already (>__<")\


ahlost said...

Wahahaha !! so cute la this post.. but I don't like to receive this kind of msg too >.>

Pee Liang said...

Ask any of your computer-expert friends to help you la! :)

kallyempire said...

[ahlost] T_____T

[Pee Liang] will do~!