FOOD: Let's Share It!


Wanna get something so BIG to fulfill the need to release D’ tension of work!!! Consider lunch as a treat and it must be eye satisfying too beside stomach~!

If you are some place near me (4th mile), keep in mind of this place then!

To me, it’s a family orientated kinda shopping mall. You wouldn’t get very expensive stuff there or brand (price reasonable for family) cause it won’t sell itself there. Got what I mean? Those Big Brands are more suitable for The Spring. But who cares about that, cost of living is getting higher and people are starting to find ways to frugal living! The Spring become a place for window shopping with minimum of spenditure.

Oops!!! And the satisfying lunch with affordable price plus big potion goes to…..


The Chicken Chop, RM7.90 from KIM HO Western Food@ Boulevard Food Court (=

I wasn’t going to get anything from KIM HO actually until I saw a plate of it on the waiting table!!! *eye shined* Right away confirmed what I’m gonna have for lunch!!! I wait patiently till the lady in front me (who got the chicken chop; that time i still have no idea what’s on her plate, it just looked so attractive to me!!!). “Can I have what she have, what was it actually…?” asked *shy shy*

Well, that’s the story how I discover the HUGH potion chicken chop to fulfill individual needs~!

BEWARE, it maybe not be finish by one person!!! I shared it with people too~ As there’s 3 pieces of Chicken chop + frieds + coleslaw + lotsa black pepper sauce!!! With a cup of Teh Tarik made my lunch! Yum yum~

Hey~! Go look for it when you need something BIG + worthwhile~


S-H-e-R-R-i-E said...

Really? So big? Wow... wait got chance then go eat =)

ahlost said...

my cousin used to be the front counter lady.. but i don't know where she is now..

i love the food there.. but too bad.. the stall next to Kim Ho.. the yummilicious pork belly soup no more :(

kallyempire said...

it's true indeed very BIG!!!!

kallyempire said...

bounces bounces belly meat xDD