Eat: Simplicious Restaurant & Lounge, Jalan Pisang

A new chill out place along Jalan Pisang here! Has been wanting to visit it but the timing is always not right until, now!!! Have you been here?

the building & eye catching "light-box" name

It have quite a large parking space for a restaurant like this but believe kuching people don't usually carpool you know, cause almost every working adult have one! Exclude the brand of cause~

We choose to go indoors. That day, the restaurant was quite occupied by "RESERVE" on most of the table, i would say only have a six pax table left for the ground floor and was placed almost like in the middle. So, the waitress suggested us upstairs, out of curiousity and also the lack of sitting place we followed...

The stair was made of some hard wood and it's kinda like those you see in aged houses, dark brown. There wasn't seat we wanted upstairs (with a balcony and a few tables with more living room like chairs which we would not prefer to have dinner in), so we went down again to the middle table just now~ ahh, finally seated!!!

 the menu & business hours

Notice that a lot of people walking & waiting around, they are the waiters & tress, around 10 of them (not including kitchen of cause). I think is a little overwhelmed by he number after one of my friend counted them...gosh!Should I say good service or the view they generated is kinda stressing me out. It's like people all staring at you, stare when you choosing you meals, staring when you talk to your friends, staring when you eat!!! OMGosh!!! I've got horrible eating styles!!!How I cut through the steak would be like killing something lifeless on my plate; drink with my lips curled up like i'm about to kiss the straw and bla bla bla...

Forget those!!! Their service is great (when we asked a bunch of question about the cuisine & drink, they answer politely with patient!!!). We took our order without any hassle~! I'm so much satisfied by "how much is the potion, how would it taste like, what the signature dish recommended; what is inside the drink; what include beside the main chop etc etc...*fainted* I guess we just seems like making a mess for them xD

Honey dew juice with & without ice*

watermelon juice with a slice of it (probably an extra piece from kitchen)
kiam kiam lemon juice, not as bad

While waiting for the meals to arrive, their display caught my attention!!! It's simple display but things that they have inside matters~ they are some kind of "antique" for households nowadays, but my family use to have them...

They bring back memories especially the antique thermos. I guess some people are still using them...

Here comes the foodiess!!!

pasta with tomato + assorted seafood 
Overall taste good especially it's sauce!!! Which i fully utilized it as french fries' sauce~!

pan-grilled dory fish
Its got cheese on the fish!!! Made it taste really nice, or is it because cheese is my thing...?! This is a recommended dish by the waiter =)

roaster chicken
It was...a roasted chicken! The smash potato is great, must add some form of cheese or butter which enhanced the taste and texture when in mouth~ yum yum...

the bar table & also the drink making place

Next is dessert time!!! 

From the menu, something weird slip into my eyes~~~ The "non-below 18" sign for an ice cream!!! It has a little bit of alcohol inside as said. So, i'm anxious to try it!

Irish Ice Cream

woots! my irish ice cream with some irish cream liqueur so called non 18 below dessert~~ *nice nice* can try at home~

Double scoops, Choco Strawberry & Choco Vanilla~

scoop scoop scoopssssss

cream liqueur below the red dotted line~ gotta scoop the beneath & mix!!!

4 glass of plain water?!

Eventually 3 glass of ice cream are just too much sweetness for us...It's funny how we still order ice cream when it's raining heavily outside and the temperature was quite cooling. We decides to move outside~

Display again!!! At the entrance which i impossible-ly overlooked. Anyway, here's it!!!

"i am sick of my phone r-ring-ing"

Pinky or Blacky...?

Sitting outside after a rain was like having drinks by a resort pool side~!

outside unoccupied

some people saw me placed the candle, quickly go around the table ready for picha taking which they already taken hundreds. I'm just about to take my second, they rush in place already!!!

So rude!!!

the other unoccupied

taken with ash tray pod

They are so considerable to have this outside~

Behind is Chong Ling Plaza, yes, it is!


cutebun said...

Cool! New place to go~~ Wee~~~ So the price ok or not? =P

Sarawakiana@2 said...

Thanks for pointing this out. When next in Kuching I would come here too...nice ambiance I am sure.

kallyempire said...

You've been there before!!!with the "mysterious guy"...

worth visiting indeed! do drop me an email if you needed guide to go there~