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Have you ever come across with this page before? I found myself often…

I have too something I wanted to forget, I too have something I wanted to let go, I too have lotsa memories to kept secret from you…

"Then why post them at the first place? "

Posts were written with joy, with respects, with love, with hatred, with tears….then, why put them on table at the first place if it’s really private? People can still see the leftovers when they browse through, it’s never a secret, it’s never a hideout place to write a public blog if you think you are too eager to express yourself emotionally! If you do, don’t regret you did! Once they are out, it’s like water splashed on sandy beach, an arrow released out…

A Deleted post always sound like an Abandoned post...

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ahlost said...

many times i wanted to express how i feel in my blog.. but there are just too many ghost readers.

Anonymous said...

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