Eat: Market O Real Brownie

YuHoo !!!

Morning !!! Tomorrow's Holiday (again) after two working days (: Thanks to a lot of Dayak(s) in Sarawak~ And due to Gawai Festival, we get to enjoy two days straight day off from work and go enjoy!!!

 I'm going for a Family Trip tomorrow morning. That surely excites me every time it crepts into my mind!!! Gosh, our last family trip was like at least...hmm...trying hard to remember...at least 4years ago!!! Anxious to be not use to family trips anymore...Well, I'll try my best to get along tomorrow then (=


Here's the new stuff I tried, it was from Korea by my sister who just came back from a 9Days trip to Korea and Jeju.. (>.<) Gosh!!! So envy her!!!


Love the combination of brown and pink, they looked so different apart but relates well together, or maybe they are just my favourite colour, that's why..huhhh...

This is the packaging in vintage style, super love vintage style with the "mother & daughter* lovely picture~

The opening view~

The side view of the box...And the...Love* in pink xoxo...
Here's the 3 types of packaging found. Probably their CEO is somehow afraid to bored people with the chocolate colour or he's just being creative or even make a fake illustration on buyer's they have lotsa choice...Well, actually they are just different packaging and same type of Brownies inside...a bit disappointed...

Have got a better (BIG size) view to share with you in case you are curious on the details~ They look quite nice actually!!! I love all three of the designs, especially the third design (Brown colour in whole).

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3  -  The brown is just right to brighten up all the words and the pink colour add some sweetness to it!!!

The packaging is nice..so how the brownie itself???

There's some chocolate chips, soften ones...

Just moist enough to crush with tough...but not too soft of cause. You know what i mean~


There are about 8 packet inside the box until I realize...wtf?! Is this call cheating or what?!
Saw the picture above? The "en-easy" you to take out all packet in whole had a partition!!! Behind some more!!! (Normally things can't be seen at the back is consider as try to hide from view = Cheating) No wonder the box looked quite BIG instead~ 

Oh well~~~ Inside the box is history of it's brownie in...KOREAN WORDS...Just for viewing since I don't know much about Korean words... *shake head*

If you know them and wanna read what + who they are, just click to enlarge it, okay and tell me about it (T_____T)v

Hah~! The back!!! Looked very harmony...Can I use harmony for packaging...?! The cream colour...the light green colour...the brown...the pink...MINUS the highlight yellow below!!! Probably some important words like "DO NOT EAT THIS AFTER 10PM"...LOLs...if you do, guilty is your next word...FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT!!!!!!

Thanks for reading~! Stay tune for more food, snack etc reviews!!!